Un peu de lecture en anglais de bon matin… de cette médecin australienne sur l’amnésie traumatique qui détricote bien la fameuse théorie non-scientifique des “faux souvenirs induits”.

Traumatic Amnesia

Traumatic amnesia and delayed memory retrieval of traumatic events has been widely documented for almost one hundred years, and was scientifically accepted in the context of war, accident or disasters. The concept only became controversial when it referred to child sexual abuse.


Both short and long-term traumatic amnesia have been observed following a range of aversive events such as: war, natural disasters, adult rape and child physical, emotional and sexual abuse, incest and witnessing or experiencing extreme violence.

When considering combat and war related trauma, as far back as 1941 a study on those with severe stress e.g. soldiers engaged in prolonged fighting in the battle of Dunkirk, established 35% experienced amnesia. In studying the Holocaust, 3.8% of concentration camp survivors and 10% of tattooed survivors of Auschwitz were found to display psychogenic amnesia.

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